It’s Not March Madness but It’s Something

3 Apr

Congrats to the Gophers for winning the NIT tournament! Minnesota Pride!



Say What?

23 Nov

Tim Hudson signed with the Giants?
Prince Fielder to the Rangers and Ian Kinsler to the Tigers?
David Freese to the Angels?
Chris Carpenter retired?
Jim Leyland retired?
Mind. Blown.

I know this is Late But…

6 Nov

Congrats to the Boston Red Sox for their World
Series victory.

Koji Uehara, Jarrod Saltalamacchia

The Freak

24 Oct

Tim Lincecum is going to be a San Francisco Giant for two more years!!!! Only time will tell if he was worth that money. Overall I’m pretty pumped about this one.

MLB Postseason is Here

1 Oct

So this is how the MLB playoffs will shape up:

Last night the Tampa Bay Rays beat the Texas Rangers in a end of the season tie breaker 163 game. David Price was AMAZING.

The Rays will now move on to play the Cleveland Indians in a one game wild card playoff. I’m pulling for the Rays ’cause I kinda love Longoria but I wouldn’t be depressed if the Indians won. I mean, when was the last time they even went to the playoffs? I can’t remember.

The winner of that game with take on the Boston Red Sox. Go wild card. The other series is the Okaland A’s vs. the Detroit Tigers. Gotta rep the bay area and go with my A’s.

The Reds and the Pirates will play tonight in the one game wild card playoff game. I have no feelings, good or bad, toward either team. I would like to see Morneau do well, but that’s cause I liked him when he played here in Minnesota.

After tonight’s game the wild card winner will move on to play the St. Louis Cardinals. I always like the Cards so go them. But again, I have no ill feels towards the wild card teams so I can take or leave this one. The second series is the Los Angeles Dodgers vs. the Atlanta Braves. Being a HUGE Giants fan I CAN NOT support the Dodgers. (I do really like Kershaw and Kemp *and Punto but that steams from his days in MN*) So Braves for that one.

I don’t really care who gets to the World Series for the National League as long as it’s not the Dodgers and I’m all in on the A’s of Tampa for the American League. This should be interesting.

5 Years seems like a Perfect Match

29 Sep

Hunter Pence is staying a Giant, or for the next five years.
That’s brings his up to age 35. Not bad. Plus Pence seems
to be a perfect fit for AT&T Park and I’m not just saying
that as a Giants fan. But, as a Giants fan I am thrilled to
have Pence back, I mean, who rallied the team to push
through to the World Series last year? Oh yeah, Pence.


The Dog Days of Summer

11 Aug

Okay Giants, we need to turn this season around. I know we’re down by 14 and a half games but it’s only August 11th and there are still 6 games against the Dodgers, not to mention the rest of the division but we can’t keep playing like this. We need to play better, we¬†need to be better. This is the time of heroes, this is the time of year to make a comeback. If any team can do it, I think you can. I believe, now you believe.


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